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Service lifts for retail and stores

When you need to move bulky but lighter goods between floors, our range of floor loading trolley lifts fit the bill.

Retail service lifts

The standard trolley lift incorporates British Standard 2 hour fire rated galvanised landing shutter doors to minimise door intrusion into the loading space, while an electronically interlocked lattice gate fitted to the car prevents goods falling out when in motion.

B.K.G Type: 300.30/42
Rated Load (KG) 250
Speed (M.P.S.) 0.30
Traction Drive-Rope Suspended-No of Ropes 5
Car Width* min 400
max 1000
Car Depth* min 900
max 1000
Car Height* 1200*
Doors at Service Level -
Doors at Floor Level yes
Through Entry Loading yes
Adjacent Entry Loading -
Lift Shaft Width = Car Width + 570
Lift Shaft Depth = Car Depth + 140
Headroom = Car or Door Height + Serving Height + 1400
Pit Depth 350
Car Door Type Lattice gate
Landing Door Type Cont. shutter door
Two Tier Car -
Service lifts for retail